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Эмиель Регис
Если пациент хочет жить, медицина бессильна.
1. Это не альтернативка. Это таки СС.
2. Неизвестно, будет ли аниме.
3. В разработке непосредственно идеи, связанные с оригинальным гиассом, но не в этот раз...

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Starring a NEW main character, Renya, the adventure of “Code Geass” unfolds once more. A new manga sсript writer, Goro Taniguchi, makes his debut with the newest “Code Geass” project serializing in the monthly magazine, Shonen Ace. A manga series with Taniguchi, the director of the anime, writing the sсript, and Tomomasa Takuma doing the artwork. “I show much gratitude to both the head editor of Shonen Ace and the manga artist, Mr. Tomomasa Takuma. I’d like to take on this project as a challenge, being an inexperienced manga sсript writer,” says Goro Taniguchi.

The long-planned project finally comes to materialize. “The new project, ‘Renya of the Dark,’ will be an episode within the ‘Code Geass History.’ There will be stories from two different eras in the same world. The anime featured the ‘Lelouch of the Rebellion’ chapter, and we see this as the ‘Renya of the Dark’ chapter.” This “Code Geass” will be expressed through manga. How will it differ from the anime? “For instance, you can express emotions on a panel by panel basis in manga, and you can also express a fighting scene with intensity via a two-page spread. I wish to release a ‘Code Geass’ that is unique to manga with Mr. Takuma’s amazing skills in drawing sharp lines and expressive glances.”

The stage is the Edo Era. Renya and his friend meets C.C. and face fate head-on. “We will write the epic of Renya with the two main themes that are present in ‘Code Geass’: ‘What does it mean for man to live?’ and ‘What exactly makes me who I am?’” The next movement of “Code Geass” has finally begun to move. “We still have many other chapters of the ‘Code Geass History’ that are in the works, so stay tuned for future announcements!”

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2009-12-10 в 10:40 

Легко быть никем (c) me
То есть нас ждет новая манга? Но еще говорится, что это только один из готовящихся проектов ))))

З.Ы. Меня, непонятно почему, просто покорёжило, когда я осознал, что там будет С.С. и без Лелуша... На мой взгляд они просто неразделимы ))))


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: FANS TREASURY!